Looping GIFS

On the March!


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In 2018, I was tasked to create a series of looping GIFS celebrating a few of Real Art’s custom made bikes for Bike Month. These babies where illustrated in Photoshop, then Rigged and animated in After Effects. Enjoy!

The Modern | Brand Reveal

As the School of Advertising Arts was preparing to make a major leap from a 2-year design school to a 4-year college, they partnered with Real Art to re-imagine their name and their brand, and asked us to help launch their new identity to the world. 

Original Score by Andrew Clark - www.andrewclark.co

Electrifying Tesla Vs Edision

The mad scientists at Real Art have built an arcade experience unlike any other: a one-of-a-kind cabinet with custom-milled metal joysticks wired with real voltage, and a one-on-one fighting game featuring the masters of electricity. "The War of Currents" was unveiled in Austin at SxSW.

Demo Copy 01.00_01_24_17.Still006.png
Demo Copy 01.00_01_08_05.Still007.png
Demo Copy 01.00_01_14_03.Still005.png

Post Effects (Lightening, Particles)

Software Used; Photoshop, After Effects, Trapcode Particular